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How To Make A Blog in 2021.

Here I Explain all the Strategies which I use in my blog to get more traffic and Make Revenue💲.Also I will share some best trick and tips to improve your blog.

Hey! guys I am Krishna😄
Today I have brought a very good article for all of you! Today I will also tell some easy ways for all of you, by which you can make Blog very easily.

Before I start this Blog I explain you That What is blog? And how can I use to earn money?

BLOG is nothing but it is A website where a person writes regularly about topics that interest them, usually with photographs and links to other websites they find interesting. A person who work on their Niche by The use of internet.

Why Should You Start a Blog?

The reason why you should start a blog is to improve your thinking ability and helping Nature. Blog help you to improve your personality, building a strong network, increase your thinking ability, Generate Revenue And Many More😄. In USA 50% people read article every week. This is an opportunity for all of you. To make content on this topic. It generate a lot of money 💰 you never thought this.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog?

Basically people are thinking about money but they don’t know how to make money. Let me explain you story.

There was a boy in a village who had a lot of money Around $100000 but all the money belonged to his father. One day He spent all his money in gambling.When his father saw the cupboard who went mad when he was called home and asked where are all the money went, he told that all the money was invested in gambling. And he lost all the money in gambling.Hearing this, his father got very angry and threw him out of the house.Then he went to a big city and did a small Private JOB Which He Earn $30/Months.

We know how important money is Now Days. If you invest your money in gambling you lost your all money,Therefore if you invest in yourself you get much more than gambling. If you are beginner I recommend you to start your journey with and if you want to take some risks in your life. Just go for below wordpress.Org

So guys, now you will think how we make A Blog. Today I will share top 12 best possible way to start a blog In 2021.

How to start a blog in 10 Step.

  1. Choose your passion
  2. Set a Goal to work on Niche
  3. Pick a Domain Name (Related to your Niece)
  4. Choose A best hosting (Buy Hosting from BLUEHOST Use my Referral link to get 50% off)
  5. Install WordPress and Connect Them With Hosting
  6. Apply Right Theme (Theme Is the Tree of your website)
  7. Install wordpress Plugins
  8. Apply Yoast SEO to Rank your Website
  9. Content Research (I suggest you to USE Google Keyword Planner)
  10. Create Content Strategy (Schedule of Posting Articles)
  11. Research Best possible Images for your Article
  12. Last but not-least-Dedication towards your BLOG

1. Choose your passion

My advice is that you should choose the niche that you’re willing to spend the most time with. Passion is the fuel you’ll rely on when nobody is out there reading your stuff…

That being said, neither competition nor expertise would play much of a factor at all in my decision.

Because no single person is addressing ALL the needs of any one market and you don’t need to be an expert to help someone solve their problems. People need value so you need to put your all effort in your website.

The best web hosting only 3.95 dollars per month get start 🖐️⤵️

2. Set a Goal to work on Niche

This means you have to fix a goal and work your legs continuously. The main part of this article is this you have to catch a nice niche which you worked very quick and you know the knowledge of that Niche. And set a goal that you need almost every people to reach your blog, set the schedule which time is best for you to work on your blog.

You have to first research all the best possible thing which never seen on internet. All of you have to do a time Fix in which time you can work very well.

3. Pick a Domain Name (Related to your Niece)

What are the most common mistakes picking a domain name?

The most common mistake that one can do while picking a domain name is making it complicated to recall.
A domain name is complicated to recall, if –

  • it is long – longer than about 25 characters and three words;
  • it has misspells – people do not misspell uniformly 😉
  • it has dashes (this may not be hard to recall but people tend to forget typing the dashes);
  • it has intentional phonetic misspells, e.g. EducationTrendz.whatever;
  • it doesn’t pass the phone test (hear the name on a phone and write down correctly);
  • it has uncommon/jargon words;
  • it has meaningless word(s).

And, a thought – many domain experts tend to say that one should not be emotionally attached to a domain name, but if the domain name evokes emotion, that would be good for the enterprise it represents.

4. Choose A best hosting (Buy Hosting from BLUEHOST Use my Referral link to get 50% off)

If you are new if you wish first thing you should select the best web hosting company. You need to register a domain and then by hosting services

In my experience with some of the best web hosting companies.
It depends on the website’s requirements.

If you are a beginner in web hosting, then I suggest you go for Bluehost (Use My Refferal Link 🔗 To Get 50% Off)

I found BLUEHOST is worth the money that we pay and at the same time going for free hosting will not be preferable because it will not fulfill your business requirements most of the time.

So you can choose the best one for your BLOG among them.

5. Install WordPress and Connect Them With Hosting

Usually Most of the hosts offer 1 Click Installer to Install wordpress with 1 Click after entering Site Title and other Options.

If you dont have 1 Click Installer installed on your Cpanel, Then you need to install it Manually.

  • Download wordpress files at Download WordPress
  • Login to Cpanel -> File Manager -> Upload Files
  • Select and Upload the Downloaded File.
  • The file should be visible in the folder you have uploaded
  • Select the file, Click Extract and Ok.
  • All files will be extracted to a folder called “wordpress”
  • Go to that folder, Select all files, Click Move and move them back to one folder, Usually move them from wordpress folder to public_html folder
  • Now go back to Main Cpanel Options -> SQL Databases
  • Create one database, just name it any
  • Create One Database User
  • Now just below creating database user, there would be option to Add user to database
  • Choose the database and database user you have created and provide all privildges
  • Now open your website, you should see wp-installation
  • You need to enter the complete sql database name, username and password. If you passed all the correct details, then it would connect or it will fail Mostly you wouldnt have provided all privileges incase of any errors or you have entered incorrect information.
  • Once Installation is done, your website will be live.

That set your wordpress is install😄

6. Apply Right Theme (Theme Is the Tree of your website)

WordPress themes play a significant role in our site. Installing a WordPress theme is easy but activating a new theme will change the website’s looks and functionalities. With the new WordPress theme installation, WordPress website can be rebuilt in just a few clicks.

#Installation steps:-

  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Download your free themes from WordPress Theme
  • Navigate Appearance > Themes
  • At the top of the page, click on the Add New button.
  • It will be redirected to Add theme page
  • At the top, clicking on the Upload button
  • Clicking on the install button where Upload box appears.
  • Successful installation of theme is appeared in the form of Notification.
  • Clicking on the Live preview button to preview the look of theme.
  • After this, clicking on the Activate button to make the theme LIVE.

Now your theme is live you can also upload your theme manually by clicking on upload theme in WordPress,

7. Install wordpress Plugins

After installing WordPress, the next thing you need to do is learn how to install a WordPress plugin. It’s like an app for your WordPress website which allows you to add new features to WordPress such as shopping cart and more

And some of the FREE plugins that best to have on your WordPress website that you can request to install together are:

Jetpack by
–Yoast SEO

Akismet Anti-Spam
– WP Super Cache
– Google XML Sitemaps
– WPForms
– Wordfence
– WooCommerce

  • Jetpack
  • Yoast SEO
  • Akismet Anti-Spam
  • WP Super Cache
  • WPForms
  • G-Kit
  • Wordfence
  • Share This
  • Reaction Button
  • Crisp

8. Apply Yoast SEO to Rank your Website

In above I tell little bit about Yoast SEO.The Yoast SEO plugin makes it easy for your site to meet the highest technical SEO standards. It also gives you the tools to bring your content to the highest standards of SEO and overall readability

Speciality of Yoast SEO

  • Generates XML Sitemaps
  • Automatically Submits XML Sitemaps to Google/Other Search Engines
  • Allows You To Create Custom Meta Header/Description
  • Check Focus Keywords
  • Lets You Add Page Redirects Easily
  • Lets You Add Breadcrumbs
  • Allows You To Change Permalinks
  • Helps You Bulk Edit Titles/Descriptions
  • Helps You ‘Hide’ Specific Posts/Pages From Search Engines

9.Content Research (I suggest you to USE Google Keyword Planner)

Google Keyword Planner is the best and free Keyword research tool. In that, you can check search volume and competition of the keywords.

Search volume means how many people search for that keyword. High competitive keywords are difficult or take a very long time to rank in search engine result pages.

But, low competitive keywords are rank at a very small amount of time period. Also, periodically use some variation of the keywords for better results.

Apart from Keyword research which constitutes a major role in making your content more engaging, here are a few other factors that can equally fetch you results when given adequate attention.

Writing on topics that hold value in the current scenario, is a huge tick when it comes to engaging the audience because people are in the constant look-out for information that is fresh and relevant to the world around them.

10. Create Content Strategy (Schedule of Posting Articles)

So first of all, you should work out if you mean a content strategy, a content plan or a content schedule.

If a content strategy, then this is much more about why you need to create content, who it’s for and what’s the objective.

  • Content topics – one or many, including sub-topics
  • Formats – what formats you will create your content in
  • Channels – what channels you will promote the content through to reach your target audience (personas)

And finally a content schedule is more of a calendar approach where you decide on how often you want to promote/post/share your content, and which elements get done each day/week or month.

11. Research Best possible Images for your Article

Most Valuable Topic Image from all these Topics because 50% off blog group through image.

Now a day people are not have lot of time to read and watch video they usually search image to get information Fast. Show image play a crucial role in our blog

I recommend you some editing software and free image website which help you to grow your blog.

  1. Canva (Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content.)
  2. Pexels
  3. Unsplash
  4. Pixel lab

12. Last but not-least-Dedication towards your BLOG

A big traffic comes from social networks. Just post on a regular base announces of your articles to different social networks. Also add “share” buttons to your site. It is very important to collect an audience on social network, because later they will bring you a huge traffic.

Think about what you are writing. Imagine, what your blog visitors would like to read about. Make posts on that topics. You can take a look which themes are more popular on Google.

Interact with other bloggers on blogging platforms and social networks. Don’t forget to mention your blog.

Don’t wait for a quick result from Google or other search engines. It is very difficult to be on the top of search results. But if you step by step build a net of communications and take care that other people are sharing and commenting your posts, than Google will rank your blog higher.

After this all you can apply for AdSense, and you start earning money from online. I recommend that everyone to don’t think about money just contribute your full effort in a blog. Its help you to run a blog for a long period of time. Also you can Make Money By The Use OF Affiliate marketing And Guest post 🥳.

Do not give up and start hustling from now. Also if you want to learn Make Money While Sleeping: The Ultimate Guide to Achieve Success Even While Sleeping, Discover the Effective Strategies and Ways on How You Can Earn Passive Income. Just click 🖐️⤵️😄


If you want to start your blogging career right now I recommend you to buy domain and hosting from BLUEHOST (USE referral link🔗 to get 50% off 😄)

Good student usually become Good Employees, Self-Learner become Good Employers.


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