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How To Earn Money Online Watching Ads In 2 Minutes

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Now if you want to earn money sitting at home from mobile then this blog is very good For You.Work From | Home How To Earn Money Online | Watch Ads and Earn Money🤑

Today I have brought such an application for all of you in which you will be able to earn $1 to $5 instantly just watching ads.

The name of application is CashOut. This is mind blowing application where you can earn lots of money while Watching Ads Or Spinning. Today’s also I share some tips and tricks to Increase 2x earning Double in this Application.

So friend let me introduce this Application How you can earn basically decision application where you can spin get coin 🔴 which you can convert it into ➡️ Dollar 💰.

This application pay you 90% of their ads revenue Which generate. When You spin you will show some Ads. If you watch full ads then you get coin.

Let me show you How the interface of this application and how you can work on this application and earn money.

So when you click on CashOut you will see that application open in Play Store.

1.Just click on install button. And install the application.

2.After installing application click on open.

When you click on open you will see this interface.

Let me tell you a very important point that before clicking on your Google account try to use my referral code

Use – [email protected] as refer-id to get 500 coins instantly into your wallet. Get it now

Here is this application Ask to sign up with Google. When you click on Google. Hit so you your Google account which you want to choose and continue. After clicking on your Google account. It’s open in new interface.

This is your CashOut after using my referral code you will get 500 coin which you can convert it into cash. This application have a feature that help us to change the coin into cash.

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This is the interface of this application just you have to click on collect coin. When you click on collect coin you have see that there is 3 feature.

  • 2. SURVEY

Let me explain you how can you refer and earn money. In here referring per person you will get 500 Coins. It means you will earn $0.01 per Reffer.

And on second When You take participate in survey you will chance to Win 4000 Coin which automatically convert it into dollar.

And most important point PLAY AND WIN💰 this is the main feature in this application where you can find a lot of money while using few Minutes 😉. Let me explain you how you can Playing Some Game like Spin ,scratch and flip earn lot of money.

When you click on spinner you will so some ads just you have to to cut the ads. And see the interface just like this

This so coolest place on this application where you can earn lot of money while watching some ads. When you click on spin you will get some coin. But you have a question that how can I get lot of coin.

So let me tell you something interesting and 2x your COIN. If you are from a small country or your country CPC Is Less. Then I recommend you to connect a VPN with high CPC country Example:- USA,UK,Australia. Because these all country have high CPC ads and when you connect this and open CASHOUT Application you will See lot of high CPC ads. Which increase your earning. Therefore,I recommend everyone before clicking on this application use a VPN to increase your earning.

So this is the process where you can earn lots of money while watching ads let me tell you that how can you withdraw your money.

Just click on Withdraw Button when you click on withdrawal button you have to enter some details example if you want to to transfer your money into Paytm just Enters Paytm number

Or if you want to transfer your money balance INR to Paypal then enter your Paypal email ID. After entering all details click on confirm. When you click on confirm you see this interface.

In here the minimum withdrawal limit is $5. So when you complete $5 just you have to click on $5 and Click on Withdraw. This is the process how you can withdraw your money. So do not waste your time and click on CASHOUT

So this is the application where you can earn lot of money while Watching Ads if you want to know more about this application then comment below 🖐️⤵️

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